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King Island Pure

King Island Pure Manuka Honey 500g MGO 514+

King Island Pure Manuka Honey 500g MGO 514+

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Please Note: Sales & Shipping currently only available within Australia (excludes WA).

Our King Island Pure Manuka comes beautifully packaged in a premium gift box and message from our Head Beekeeper and Managing Director.  Ideal for gift giving or your personal indulgence.

A smooth lustrous golden colour, this 514+ MGO King Island Pure Manuka has a delightful taste that lingers on your palate. It’s soft and distinctive flavour will add complexity to your cooking, and drinks or just have it straight up by the teaspoon. King Island Pure Manuka has minimum process and no heating to ensure all the goodness packed in by our healthy bees is reflected in each jar.

 King island Pure offers our customers just one monofloral manuka honey of a single grade. This is because all of our hive sites in the first year of harvest were in the same vicinity so the honey was all harvested in the one batch.

Every batch of King Island Pure Manuka is tested by the University of Sunshine Coast and guaranteed to contain at least 514+mg Methylglyoxal per kg.

Best before date or expiry date:  Monofloral Manuka honey is one of the few food that won’t expire if stored properly.   It has a shelf life of at least 5 years from date of packaging but can last even longer with proper storage and no contamination.

Note:  GST is not applicable on honey sold in Australia.


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