King Island, Tasmania

King Island lies at the entrance to Bass Strait and confronts the roaring forties, a wind that terrified mariners for two hundred years.

Uninhabited since time began, it was Europeans who discovered King Island’s natural ability to produce extraordinary food.

King Island Pure Manuka has added honey to the island’s list of amazing produce, complimenting its grass fed beef, juiciest lobsters, purest bottled water and the finest cheeses.


The Manuka Tree

The Manuka Tree is the only floral source available to the bee colonies on King Island. As such they have no choice but to harvest the nectar from the Manuka Tree when it is in flower from late October through to early January each year.

This ensures that King Island Manuka honey is a pure mono floral Manuka honey, that is not tainted by other floral sources.

This is what King Island Pure Manuka promise to deliver to you.


All About the Bees

The ability to produce a high grade monofloral Manuka honey puts King Island Pure Manuka in a very unique and advantageous position.

Bees are very fussy and deliberate creatures. They are determined to seek out both nectar and pollen sources that are attractive to them.

The Manuka Tree is the single floral source on King Island for the Bee population. This is an important aspect as normally, from a Bee perspective, the Manuka flower is not as attractive to Bees as other floral sources.

In non mono floral environments, if there are other flowers within 5 km of the hive site, the Bees will choose the floral source of their preference even though other floral sources maybe just 10 meters away.