Pristine. Remote. Extraordinary.

Discover Nature's Medicine.

King Island Pure Manuka direct to you from the Beekeeper.

Raw & Cold Extracted

Nature's Medicine

King Island Pure Manuka has minimum process and no heating to ensure all the goodness packed in by our bees is reflected in each jar.

Our 829+ MGO is a high-grade medicinal honey that assists in treating many common medical ailments from allergies, burns to promoting restful sleep.

Discover the many benefits of King Island Pure Manuka.



Pure Indulgence

A smooth lustrous golden colour King Island Pure Manuka has a delightful taste that lingers on your palate.

It’s soft and distinctive flavour adds complexity to cooking, drinks or just have it straight up by the teaspoon.

Discover why King Island Pure Manuka is so delicious and good for people and our planet.


Our Gift to You.

A few reason's why King Island Pure Manuka will become your family's favourite Australian honey.

  • 100% Traceable

    Our 100% Pure Australian honey is produced on the remote and untouched King Island with strict biosecurity regulations in place and is the perfect environment for our bees to make this extraordinary honey.

  • 100% Mono Floral Honey

    Our single source honey is from the Australian native "Leptospermum Scoparium" plant, also known as the Manuka Tree. King Island provides the ideal growing conditions for the wild Manuka forests to thrive.

  • MGO Grade Guarantee

    Every batch of our King Island Pure Manuka is independently tested by the University of Sunshine Coast and guaranteed to contain at least 514+ mg and 829+ mg respectively of Methylglyoxal (MGO) per kg.


Enjoy the many benefits of King Island Pure Manuka

Restful Sleep

Adding Manuka Honey to milk or tea at bedtime can boost your body’s natural melatonin production. This sleep inducing hormone helps slowly reduce glycogen to your cells while you sleep.
It allows the repair of daily damage and calming brain function. Certain conditions such as sleep apnea (snoring), diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure all tend to worsen with poor sleep hygiene.
While Manuka Honey is not a cure for all these conditions, it can assist with giving you a better nights sleep which helps your body to heal and regenerate naturally.

Sore Throats

Manuka Honey can coat your throat and reduce swelling which makes swallowing vital liquids easier.
Manuka Honey helps relax and open up the muscles of the throat. Manuka Honey has also been demonstrated to reduce the growth of Strep bacteria.
The National Cancer Society has recently added Manuka Honey as a recommendation for treating post chemo sore throat.

Oral & Stomach Health

Manuka honey can help with a range of stomach issue including small intestine bacterial overgrowth, low stomach acid and acid reflux. Manuka Honey helps reduce harmful bacteria in the stomach and rebalances your digestive system.
Some bacteria are hard to treat as they exist in biofilms. One of the most common biofilms is plaque that bacteria produce on teeth, which attacks the enamel and causes tooth decay.
Manuka Honey has been found to reduce plaque from sticking to our teeth which helps in reducing tooth decay.

Skin & Hair Care

Applying Manuka Honey to your hair and skin can help improve the lustre of both. Mixing Manuka Honey into hair conditioner can leave your hair feeling softer and silkier.
Manuka Honey is widely used as a hydrating face mask on tender skin. The antioxidant compounds reduce damaged skin and the antibacterial properties reduce irritation.
There is scientific evidence to support that Manuka honey helps reduce acne, reduces eczema and heal open wounds and rashes.


Manuka Honey may be used to reduce the symptoms and duration of seasonal allergies. Manuka Honey can help reduce hay fever and the need for antihistamines.


First and second degree burns, including sunburn have a high risk of infection. Manuka Honey has been shown to improve wound healing in acute cases, reduce pain and decrease inflammation.

The Perfect Gift

Share the many delicious and natural medicinal benefits of King Island Pure Manuka with your loved ones.

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